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London 2013 7ABC

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Project-week London 2013


We started our trip from Linz to Stansted Airport and after a bus trip to Greenwich we met our host families for the first time. We all stayed with different host families in groups of two or three.



In the morning we went to Camden Market, which is a huge market where you can get almost everything, like unusual clothes, international food or (faked) designer fashion. Some of the shops had very crazy front sides. In the afternoon we went to Madame Tussauds, the famous wax-museum, where we took many pictures with our favorite stars or celebrities. Some of us even went to a part of the exhibition called ‘Scream’ which was really frightening because inside there were not wax-figures but real actors.



On Sunday we went all day long to Brighton, which is a city at the south-coast of England. Brighton is famous for its ‘Fish& Chips’ because in the past it was a fishing village. Most of us went to the Brighton Pier, where we bought food or had a ride with one of the attractions. In the center of Brighton there was a big old building, called Royal Pavilion, which was inspired by Indian and Turkish culture and there was also a small market in one of the streets.


Monday - Thursday:

During the week we had to attend to the language-school from 9-12 o’clock. Our teacher there was very nice and she helped us to improve our English, by for example playing ‘Tabu’, speed-dating and preparing news-casts.


In the afternoons we went to see the center of London. There we saw for example Tower Bridge, The Tower, Tate Modern, The British Museum and all the other tourist places which somebody visiting London should see. One of the highlights was the musical ‘We Will Rock You’ at the Dominion Theatre on Tuesday.



Friday was our last day in London, we had a very emotional farewell from our host families and then we started our way back to Austria.

We all really enjoyed our trip and came back with lasting impressions and lots of presents for our families and friends.

Hermann Katarina, 7.A, Rumpelsberger Juliane, 7.A


Leitung: Mag. Harald Michlmayr




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